Monthly Mentoring

You can enroll your child to have access to lessons in the form of a 5 - minute online video plus activities and worksheets that systematically develop their reading and writing skills step-by-step. Parents need to supervise their children but do not need to take an active part in the teaching or prepare the sessions.


What is a curriculum intended to do? Its focus is to teach students what it takes be confident and creative individuals as well as active and informed citizens.

Reading Readiness

Many children do not master reading in the early years of school. Why? Every child is an individual and learning to read is mastering a skill. A child has to be ready to learn to read. They can be taught too early.

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Resources for Home Tutoring

I can provide the teaching points, worksheets and activities you can give to your child in the comfort of your home. All you have to do is supervise them for a few minutes a day and watch their skill levels develop and their confidence grow..