My Story

As a child, I was a prolific reader, and as a result, chose a profession where I could be around books and teaching reading.

I began my teaching career in secondary schools teaching English and geography. I was astounded to find so many students entered secondary school with poorly developed literacy and numeracy skills.

They did not receive the necessary tutoring to consolidate their skills and so had limited career opportunities.

I saw that I could be more useful in primary education and so I transferred to a primary school.

I enjoyed watching children develop and the personal growth involved in primary teaching.

Children are individuals, and many don't learn what the curriculum expects for several reasons. Many need individual tutoring. Homeschooling can provide this.

Education is changing to fit into the technological era. There are many available resources.

However, essential reading, writing, maths and inter-personal skills still need to be mastered.

After leaving the school system, I spent a few years running a tutoring service for primary and junior secondary students. I tutored language and mathematics skills.

I saw the opportunities for individual tuition using Internet resources and moved my tutoring business online.

'Your Homeschool Tutor' is the way I have chosen to share my teaching experience and mentor parents who need support homeschooling their child.

Homeschooling is the perfect way to provide one-on-one tuition for a child. However, to do so, a parent must continue to learn themselves.

The home school must provide an education that adheres to the National Curriculum.

Homeschooling means:

  • ·      You must provide a curriculum or formal learning plan.
  • ·      You must cover five basic subjects. (reading, spelling,  grammar, mathematics and civics).
  • ·      You can supplement them with art, physical education, science or religion.
  • ·      In effect, you are to provide an integrated curriculum.

Your Homeschool Tutor supports you to have the freedom to enjoy successfully homeschooling your child.

You can provide creative homeschooling free from the often-limiting constraints of formal schooling.

 There are many ways you can provide the necessary social contacts your child needs. Perhaps there are other homeschool families in your region.

As a committed homeschooler, I invite you to join

You will receive ideas and support that will make your task of educating your child easier and enjoyable.

Your Homeschool Tutor is where I share my insights and experiences with parents homeschooling their children.

You are invited to join the community to receive ideas, reflections and curriculum support via email and blog posts.