Reading Readiness

Most children can be taught to read.

Why do 30% of children in the early years of school struggle with learning to read?

In Australia, it is considered that if a child is not reading fluently by the end of first grade they have a learning issue.

It is not considered that the struggling child is simply not ready for formal instruction. It is possible to provide many language activities that will lead to learning to read. When no pressure is felt by a child and they are left to enjoy learning most will learn to read easily.

There should be no pressure applied to learning to read!

Children cope with learning to read anytime between aged four and twelve. The optimum time is between ages seven and eight. Around the second and third grade.

There is no proof that the earlier a child learns to read the more successful they will be in higher education.

There is no perfect age to learn to read.

If a child is not reading by the beginning of their twelfth year it is best to provide intensive tutoring. Entering secondary school without the ability to read is cause for concern.

Most children know how important learning to read is and with the right attitude and skill, a tutor can help a struggling reader succeed.