The NAPLAN Controversy is Alive and Well

The NAPLAN Controversy is Alive and Well

"We are educating people beyond their creativity"

Educator, Sir Ken Robinson, presents an entertaining and profoundly moving case for an education system that nurtures a child's creativity.

Listen to get education into perspective.

NAPLAN The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) assessments happen every year for year three, five, seven and nine Australian students.

The data gleaned is often met with controversy.

The tests are a  source of data for government, educational authorities and schools.

In 2019 the upset is about the writing skills of years seven and nine students.

NAPLAN tests the fundamental literacy and numeracy skills every child needs to succeed in school and beyond.

The tests are designed to test the educational outcomes a student has reached in the literacy and numeracy learning areas.

ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority ) instructs teachers not to encourage students to drill or cram for the tests.

Students will have no trouble performing well in the NAPLAN tests if they receive tuition in the literacy and numeracy content outlined in these learning areas. Teachers know the students who struggle.

School communities are aware of the importance of their NAPLAN results. The My School website.  Schools challenge ACARA advice.

Parents worry about how their child will perform.

They are told to tell their child the NAPLAN tests are just one part of the school program. Children are told to do their best.

If teachers and parents want to help their child feel comfortable on the day, there are practise questions available. There is also an online demonstration site.

If you were a child, how would you feel about NAPLAN?

NAPLAN is not compulsory. A child can be withdrawn from sitting the tests.

Most parents support NAPLAN.

They also support the My School Website.

A whopping 75 per cent of Australians think schools should prioritise maths and English.

Educating children takes a lot of thought, and it is an enormous responsibility.

Measuring how children are progressing is essential. How to do it is an ongoing controversy.

Parents are the bedrock of their child’s education.

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