The Value of Children’s Literature

The Value of Children’s Literature

There are many ways to gain knowledge and it doesn’t have to be only from books.


A life without reading books is a limiting one.

Reading books are one of the primary ways to develop critical thinking skills.  As you read you are required to think and process information in a way watching television or reading from a tablet can’t. You can go over what you read as often as you like! You can also stop and start and read at the pace that suits you.

Here is a link to inspire you.

One of the aims of the Australian Curriculum: English is to encourage students to:

“develop interest and skills in inquiring into the aesthetic aspects of texts, and develop an informed appreciation of literature.”

There are amazing resources available for you to enjoy literacy activities with your child.

Regularly visiting your local library is a great support in a number of ways.

If you have a pre-school child you can join them in the “1000 Books Before School” program.

Reading together is the best way to encourage a love of books in your child.

Don’t panic about the 1000 books. It used to be called reading a bedtime story! If you do that you read more than a thousand books to your child in their pre-school years.

Your child benefits from sharing books with you throughout primary school.

You will find more information here 

If you have an older child who is a reluctant reader encourage borrowing audiobooks.

Your local librarian will also help you find the books that will interest your child.

Libraries also hold activities during the week that will add to your child’s literacy experiences.

What do children gain from reading books? 

Read the above article. It explains the value of reading to your child better than I can.

Telling stories ( about yourself in particular) will engage your child. You can also encourage them to create stories to tell you.

Here are some tips on how to tell a story to your child.

This video discusses  How to Help Struggling & Reluctant Readers



Your child may choose to read a selection of them.

Do you have a favourite book?

Does your child?

Here are the top 51 kids’ books recommended by Dymocks Booksellers.

 These books provide powerful messages kids of all ages won’t forget.

A review of The Little Prince An 'interesting Book Review'

 Learn about the author Roald Dahl 

                                                       The Giving Tree Lesson Plans

                                                     You can purchase a copy here

Mem Fox has contributed enormously to children's literacy. Her website is here

I do not benefit financially from any of the resources I have mentioned in the above article.

I hope you realise how enjoyable literacy activities can be for both of you.

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