Your Weekly Homeschool Newsletter

"Get Instant Access to 'Your Weekly Homeschool Newsletter' to Receive the Tutoring Support to Make Homeschooling Your Child Successful and Stress-Free"

Each week you will receive an explanation of an aspect of learning theory. You will also receive a curriculum overview for a particular sub-strand of the English and Mathematics areas of the Australian National Curriculum.

  • A set of activities and worksheets to cover Foundation to Year 6 of these sub-strands is part of the package.
  • You will not be restricted to your child's year level.
  • You can choose the activities that best suit your child's level of understanding.

You will also receive assessment activities and an assessment form for you to fill in as a record of your child's progress.

I will also publish the answers to questions I receive from parents.

Finally links to any press reports on PRIMARY EDUCATION will be published for easy access.


Once your subscription is activated I will send you an outline of the English and Mathematics Sub-Strands of the Australian National Curriculum to help you with your lesson planning.

Normally $9.00 per month.... today only $5.00 per month